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Company Concept

Company Concept

Our Company believes that all residential design and decoration should be people-oriented. Homes are meant for people to live in. If improperly designed or incapable of meeting household demands, it would be impossible to remedy even with beautiful and expensive decorations. Therefore, we consider communication with our clients to be not only necessary, but indispensible. We carefully listen to our client’s ideas and household requirements, only then will we suggest further idesas based on our experience and expertise in interior design. We show all ideas of the requirements from customers in decoration work.

Our careful management system allows for projects to be ocmpleted smoothly and successfully, reducing the possiblility of mistakes during the project’s construction. From the very beginning until the very end, we keep a very detailed account of instructions from our clients to reduce the possibility of any misstakes due to a misunderstanding.

Quality is also very important to us. We have unparalleled expertise and employees with years of experiencce. Our workmanship is guaranteed to be right. As with any good design, not only is the quality of workmanship important, the qualitiy of materials and furniture need to match the design. after completing construction, it is difficult to ttell the difference between superior and inferior materials in the beginning. But as time passes the inferior materials will continue to show more and more problems. In general, residential units aren’t meant to last only one or two years, but meant to last for five or ten years, or even a longer period. Because of that we use only the best materials to achieve our goal and design.

RICO interior design company is based on ” communication”,”system” and “qualitiy” which are used to achieve the “thought design”,” exquisitte craftsmanship” and “perfect management”. In addition to focusing on elegant interior design, we also take into consideration homeowners needs for such things as storage space. We are able to show interior design of superior qualitiy, and efficiency with better service all at a reasonable price through our improved systematic mode of operation that will create the ideal personable spae for you.