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Natura was founded in 2004 by the German interior designer Mr. Bastian Rutenkolk, one furniture brand; after few years, Natura cooperate with some quality building materials suppliers, with excellent design team, Natura become a Hong Kong one Management system of professional furniture manufacturers. Natura not only has a simple and stylish and also both people-oriented practical and durable, is the best choice for create the ideal kitchen cabinets and all kinds of furniture. We are committed to making a series of furniture designed for Hong Kong’s unique environment to achieve the concept of “perfect management, excellent service, exquisite craftsmanship and building an ideal living space”.

Oriented Strand Board


For the production of high-quality furniture, Natura use a lower formaldehyde plywood and E0 level Oriented Strand Board, the product meets the EU environmental testing standards, with anti-bacterial mildew, Acid and alkali and easy to clean and other good quality, the cabinet surface can be combine with imported plastic sheet or environmental baking paint; cabinet surface and then by the modern machinery for wear-resistant anti-flower cap pressure treatment, so that the cabinet is more in line with fashion , Safe & durable.

Plywood : It is advanced than the large core board, from three or more layers of a millimeter thick veneer or sheet adhesive made of hot pressing.
Is the most commonly used handmade furniture sheet.

Key Benefits:
1, Plywood grip screw force is good, high strength, with good quality, sound absorption, insulation and other characteristics, Blockboard moisture content is not high, between 10% -13%, easy processing, for furniture, doors and windows and sets , Cut off, false walls, heating hood, curtains, etc., the most widely used.
2, because the internal solid wood, so the processing equipment requirements are not high, easy on-site construction.

Compared with plywood, medium density fiberboard and blockboard and other board species, Oriented Strand Board with small linear expansion coefficient, good stability, uniform material, high grip screw force;
Because of its shavings are arranged in a certain direction, its longitudinal bending strength is much larger than the horizontal, so you can do structural materials, and can be used as force components. In addition, the formaldehyde-free release advantage is accepted by the market as the future of the most promising man-made sheet.

Oriented Strand Board is the world’s most rapid development of the sheet, in North America, Europe, Japan and other developed countries have been widely used in construction, decoration, furniture, packaging and other fields, is the blockboard, plywood upgrade products. All parts are made of high-grade environmental protection adhesive, in line with the European environmental standards EN300 standards, finished in full compliance with the European E1 standard, the formaldehyde emission is almost zero, compared with natural wood, far lower than other sheet, there is the highest level of decorative sheet in the market, is the green building materials, fully meet the present and future people on environmental protection and healthy living requirements.
Oriented Strand Board market price is high than Plywood, regardless of environmental performance or physical properties, “Oriented Strand Board” have a good comparison can be.


NATURA features

1) Whole cabinet are wood colour rather than the traditional white plastic sheet.
2) NATURA used low formaldehyde sheet and E0 Oriented strand board with safe confidence
3) the use of the plywood and the European pine board are high-level imports of sheet metal, not the general market quality poor particleboard, quality assurance
4) designed to meet a variety of embedded appliances
5) the use of Italian DANCO hardware accessories, to provide five-year quality assurance and bad for a service
6) All drawers are made of Italian DANCO metal buffer cabinet
7) to provide free scale design, computer graphics and installation
8) all doors are used in the original European West Germany door, to provide the original ten years of warranty

Door plate


“Germanytops” is our major supplier for our door panels, they will provide quality assurance and certification decade with good quality.
“Germanytops” board raw materials imported from Europe and the United States, so the quality of all guaranteed. Meet the international quality inspection and environmental standards as follows:
1) the material through the quality inspection, including – ISO9001 quality management system certification. ISO 14001 Environmental Management Certification.
– FSC IC-COC-100000 Forest Management Committee System Certification. – Lloyd’s classification test certificate.
2) In order to protect children and patients need to clean the environment, “Germanytops” also launched a series of anti-bacterial rubber for schools, hospitals, homes and laboratories and other applications.
3) In order to adapt to the trend of environmental protection, “Germanytops” the use of raw materials are in line with international environmental standards, such as formaldehyde emission control and so on.

Hardware selection

Push Door Hinge

Our designers from the durability, appearance, metal raw materials, as well as the price of different characteristics for a number of hardware and door hinge brand to test, and ultimately we introduce the Italian DANCO
Brand as Natura series of major hardware accessories, all drawers are used Italy DANCO buffer cabinet, and provide five-year quality assurance and bad for a service, quality absolutely unquestionable.

Top stone (engineered stone / quartz stone) selection


NATURA selection of table stone are environmentally friendly, safe, durable and does not harm the characteristics of human health, a wide range of applications, including hotels, banks, shopping malls, restaurants, reception desk, hospital, laboratory, kitchen and bathroom and other purposes, Healthy and noble living environment choice. At the same time guests can also choose their own favorite brand of different brands of stone.