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Factory Facility

Nowadays, renovation is not only undertaken for functional needs with functional furniture, renovation is also udnertaken to provide an elegant look to create consistent theme in interior design. Therefore, furniture has become an essential element to lifestyle and design. In order to provide better quality control on our furniture and reduce production time, our company has invested in a furniture prodution plant in Shenzhen at the Komeito Lin Industrial Zone starting in 2009, using high-quality luber and imported hardware, to provide economic and quality home products services. Our factory is now a wholesaler for several design companies, engineering companies and architectural companies, and has also become a wholesaler of bulk couterparts which has recorded steady annual growth. In 2012, wholesale furniture accounted for 75% of our business. We belive that this increase in business will continue for next few years and it is still ongoing.


In conclusion, we have high expectations for the furniture industry. We are devoting more resources to strengthen the plant’s machinery and equipment to further grow our business in the mainland China market and to deal with competition in the future. We will keep finding more quality hardware suppliers to supplement our design team training. We hope that the factory will become the leader in the competitive market of custom-made furniture wholesalers.

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