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Our Team

Design and Engineering Director:
Started in 2001 in Hong Kong interior engineering work, office and commercial outlets have been involved in more than 200 works, adding RICO design company in 2012 Engineering firm specializing pay duty commercial category works.

Design Team:
For different cases, from design and engineering team appointed director of the organization, including design assistant and draftsman, negotiating with clients to develop effective case subjects and draw renderings and construction plans.

Project Manager:
completion of the Professional Training Institute, engaged in interior design and engineering work for 15 years, is now largely responsible for co-ordinating the project, and work with customers to perform various types of application for a license to do business.

Site supervisor:
in front decoration works for over 13 years, holds a recognized electrical installation contractor qualifications BD responsible for production engineering and supervision work as craftsmen and designers issuing a bridge and electrical installations with a certificate of the people.

Fire system:
holding recognized qualifications set fire systems, responsible for all engineering and fire service installations to set matters relevant certificates bid.

Engineering staff:
Most technicians are employed by the Company long-term employees, and holds together the Vocational Training Council issued a work permit prospective sites, by the insurance company to protect, mitigate the risk for the insurance company does not compensate a customer recourse unfortunately suffered while process engineering skills and attitudes also have an absolute guarantee.

Maintenance Team:
Composed by two craftsmen, responsible for handling all repairs and maintenance works during the period.